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Dragon Ball Z Legends(PSX) - Review

   Dragon Ball Z Legends, brought to us by Bandai is a game with many positives and a few negative points about itís content. This is great fighter for the Playstation System, Dragon Ball Z Legends takes place on a 2D/3D playing field where up to 6 characters can be on the screen at a time.Also one person can play as well as two.Bit of GamePlay First you must select a team (1 to 3 members) from 32 people which is a real treat seeing your entire list of favorite Dragon Ball Z characters. Then your team and the enemy will line up then get ready to fight. After ever swing of the balance bar which determines who is getting beaten up and who isnít, a super move will be done by the character automatically, this is really the only one way that damage can be done. Usually this will take combos and small fireball attacks to do this.This is a great feature, now you can just stick to doing combos and having fun then watch as the computer does the super moves for you.
The gameís control is great and responsive to every move the player commands. With such control is possible to do a 42 plus hit combo,making for a Dragon Ball Z experience to remember.
The gameplay and replay on this game is great, it includes three types of play: build up mode (I donít see the point of this, just predetermined fights, but fun.) A story mode which starts with the Vegita-Nappa saga to the last fight with Evil Buu which is great. I often play this mode to see if I can get 100 percent rating according the manga. This mode is excellent and fun to play (great if you canít afford all the movies and episodes like most people.) Next is the Vs. mode which lets you play against a computer and your friend. More often then not rounds can last forever when fighting with someone who can play. Not bragging but the computer is kind of simple,I find it gets fun when you put it on hard the computer constantly reverses combos.With all these types of play modes this game never gets boring.With all these modes it leaves a lot for the average gamer to do.
The graphics on the game are not the greatest of all games, yet still nice. The intro flick is fun to watch and is nicely done despite having hand drawn characters in a cinema drawn computer background. Although Dragon Ball Z Legends has some nice animation of the characters, like seeing the arms sock real fast, and of course seeing your character dematerialize. Such detail as the character eyes can not be seen (thatís a little picky.) If you were to buy the game on itís looks, I would wait for a different game. Although, it does look like a cartoon,itís rather pixilated at times. Who cares about that when the supermoves are wonderful and well done? Also at times when everyone is on screen it causes the graphics to get sluggish not a problem though. I like the graphics, despite not being the best.
The sound on this game is great, personally I love hearing Cell say, ďkamahamahaĒ and Vegita say,ďBig Bang Attack.Ē All of the sound done on this game is wonderful,but the one for the Saturn has much more sound. The sound is also not a problem when hearing the characters talk during fights. This is a very interesting part of the game, hearing commentary from standby characters.
Looking at this is a wonderful site this game for anyone is a buy, especially for Dragon Ball Z Fans, with marvelous sound descent graphics and loveable, easy controls this is a great buy not only for the price, but for the content. Well done 2D/3D fighting game. 9/10
Matthew Rendon
Also anyone with Dragon Ball Z games please E-mail ( me I would like more Dragon Ball Z games for any system I would love to review them. I will either buy or trade for them.Also if Bandai is out there I would like it if you would donate some Dragon Ball Z games to me for any system as the games can get expensive.Or could you sell me some? Thanks