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Welcome to

Welcome to! Please take your time and look through this site,Im sure it has what you need,and enjoy your stay. Ive added just about every section I could posibly think of. Even stuff that no other sites have unique stuff. We have all the common sections like an image gallery,and info. But we also have the things people want like Mp3s roms and movie clips so look around and if you dont find what you need TELL ME so i can make it better,Send email to
 Whats new
Ok, maybe you might know or might not, but this site is like 4 years old. And ive decided to give it a major face lift! The site over the next few weeks is going to be mest up and totally different. But once done its gonna kick ass! Email me with comments Im wondering what you think. Most sites close their site down when doing a over haul. I dont bealive in this,keep the damn thing open who cares :)
The following pages have been converted from new to old:
Image Galleries 1-7, Feedback, Name Spellings, Name Meanings, Midi, Reviews, DBZ Legends(PSX) Game review

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