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Name Puns/Meanings

Want to know what some of the names mean? well now you can.

Name What it means
Goku The "ku" means sky.
Gohan Mid-day meal like Lunch or rice
Goten The Instrament
Chi-Chi A slang on breast;In japanese it means father or milk
Vegeta Obviously a slang on vegetable
Kakarotto means "carrot"
Radditz means "raddish"
Brolly means "broccoli"
Nappa A sort of cabbage I suppose
Zarbon An exotic fruit/citrus
Dodoria from the word "durian" a bad smelling fruit from Asia
Oolong meaning amber tea
Puar Chinese tea
Yamcha a food dish
Tenshinhan a food dish
Nail a pun on snail
Bulma Girls gym shorts
Trunks Boys gym shorts