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Submited Reviews

Dead Zone Author:WyckeDLade DATE:7.16.99
The Dead Zone is pretty cool. I think it cause there is a kick ass part where Gohan is like tripping on some fruit and it is really funny plus Gohan saves the day but of course as usual when he was little b4 all his trianing he doesnt remember when he does stuff so he has no clue he saved the world from Garlic Jr. The Dead Zone is cool cause u get to see Garlic Jr. and some kick ass scenes with stuff being sucke dinto the dead zone so over all this is a good movie.
Tree Of Might Author:WyckeDLade DATE:7.16.99
I think that out of the 3 FUNimation movies this is the best one. The Tree of Might has a great villian Turles, a saiyajin warrior who looks exactly like Goku, even Gohan couldnt tell at first! It starts out a quiet day Bulma, Krillen, Oolong, and Gohan are on a camping trip and a fire happens from a space pod to gather info about Earth to see if it will suport the tree of might. the forest burns down and Gohan and Krillen summon the eternal dragon to restore the forest to normal so the the animals will have a place to live again so that happens and then Turles' followers come to earth and plant the tree of might so Turles can eat the fruit from it and become stronger. Goku is told by King Kai about the tree of might and that he needs to stop it because the tree of might drains all og the energy from the planet on which it is planet so it can bare fruit so Goku and the other Z fighters go to the tree. they run into Turles and his gang and fight a bunch and Gohan runs into Turles and he thinks it is his dad and then Turles makes a fake moon so Gohan will tranform and Turles tries to kill Gohan while in the monkey form and Goku saves him and then Goku and Turles fight and Turles eats the fruit which is only meant to the eternal dragon and becomes mad strong and Goku is near death and the fruit glows liek it is the sun and Goku gathers energy from the earth and becomes strong again and defeats Turles. It is a great movie every1 should watch it!!

Worlds Strongest Author:WyckeDLade DATE:7.16.99
I personally didnt like world's strongest all that much i enjoyed it but it wasnt as goos as the othe 2 FUNimation movies. the villian wasnt that great it was a brain been there done that with nija turtles but still over all it was a good movie other than the villain suckyness.

Worlds Strongest Author:Super Baby DATE:8.15.99

The movie itself was entertaining, although (as in many other DBZ movies) it had a lot of gaps in the plot when comparing it to the series.
Nevertheless, the action sequences were very well done with the exception of them using a clip from Goku's battle with Vegeta in the Saiya-jin Saga.
The thing that bothered me most about this movie was that Gohan seemed to keep getting in everyone's way rather than being helpful. He kept getting Goku beat up by Piccolo by running into the middle of the fight. Also, if Goku would have stopped yelling "NO GOHAN!" then MAYBE Gohan's attacks would have been a tad bit more successful. The thing about it is, a lot of Dragonball Z fans wouldn't get WHY Bulma called Kamesennin a "dirty old man" because his hentai side is taken out of the series altogether. All in all, the movie was about two and a half stars.